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Application checks rooted device

Application checks rooted device


Presence of strings and methods indicating check for Rooted or Jail-broken devices.

The absence of the Jail-broken or Root detection is not a vulnerability, but its presence remediates the impact of certain vulnerability classes or threats.


Root detection on Android can be done using the RootBeer library, can use to a certain extent the SafetyNet API to ensure the device profile is known and approved or can perform manual checks like:

  • File presence of common Rooted files like /sbin/su or /system/app/Superuser.apk
  • Check su is in the PATH
  • Check for supersu in the running processes
  • Check installed application against a list of known root apps like eu.chainfire.supersu
  • Check for writable partitions and system directories

iOS can apply the same concept to check for Jailbreak presence:

  • File presence of common Jailbreak files like /Applications/
  • File permissions writing to locations outside the application sandbox
  • Protocol handlers added by Cydia