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Inventory & Attack Surface

The inventory section of the dashboard features all metrics related to assets belonging to or potentially belonging to your organization.

These metrics tell you the number of assets (per type) of your organization and the count of potential assets per type. The asset trends are a useful way to see the evolution of the number of assets of your organization over time. It also makes the count of potential assets easily accessible in case there is something important you are missing from your inventory.

Inventory and Attack Surface: Asset trends metrics

Asset Monitoring

Asset monitoring shows the ratio of the monitored assets. Ostorlab supports continuous and time-based monitoring with the ability to detect new releases and trigger a new scan automatically.

Inventory and Attack Surface: Asset monitoring metrics

Fingerprints and Services

The fingerprint and services metrics give a high-level overview of the most common tech stacks and exposed services. This is great for prioritizing hardening efforts or focusing a manual review on the most impactful stacks and services.

Inventory and Attack Surface: Fingerprints & services metrics

Security Posture

The security posture allows you to understand your organization's strength and resilience compared to other organizations and industry best practices.

Inventory and Attack Surface: Security Posture

Ownership and Location

Where is my asset and, who owns them? These metrics answer these questions showing you the owner (who should fix it), location (logical location),and whois information(cloud provider, web hoster, etc).

Inventory and Attack Surface: Ownership Inventory and Attack Surface: Location

IP Gelocation / Worldmap view

Where my data is going and what is its exact geographical location are critical for several compliance requirements. The world map view helps you see the geographic location of all your assets. You can view the individual asset location from the inventory menu.

Inventory and Attack Surface: IP Geolocation