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Cordova debug mode enabled

Cordova debug mode enabled


"Phonegap application log is set to DEBUG. This may cause it to leak too much information to Android logs."


To disable debug mode in Phonegrap, follow the steps:

  1. Locate the Configuration File: In your PhoneGap project, there should be a configuration file where you can specify various settings for your app. This file is usually named config.xml.

  2. Open the Configuration File: Use a text editor to open the config.xml file.

  3. Find the Debug Mode Setting: Look for a setting related to debug mode in the config.xml file. This setting might vary depending on the version of PhoneGap you are using, but it could be something like <preference name="debug" value="true" />.

  4. Change the Value: Modify the value of the debug mode setting to false. So, if it's currently set to true, change it to false.

  5. Save the Changes: Save the config.xml file after making the necessary modifications.

  6. Rebuild Your App: If you've already built your app, you'll need to rebuild it after making the changes to the config.xml file.


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