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Configure Assets.

To configure or edit your assets, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to "inventory" in the side menu and click on "assets" you can see list of all the assets. img.png img.png img.png

  • Select the desired assets from the table. img.png

  • Click on the EDIT button on the top to make changes. img.png

  • REQUIRED: Assign a specific owner to the selected assets,Owners are organized in a hierarchical structure and each owner is assigned a designated contact person. Owners are categorized as Internal, Acquisition, 3rd Party Service, or Rejected. Learn more about owners.

  • OPTIONAL: Assign a specific location to the selected assets. Locations can be organized hierarchically with multiple levels to indicate the exact position of an asset. For example, Data Center 1 may be divided into different sections, such as Section B, and each section may be further subdivided into smaller areas or zones. This hierarchical structure provides a clear and detailed way of identifying the exact location of an asset.
  • OPTIONAL: Add tags, environmental requirements and Notes the selected assets. img.png

  • Click SAVE to apply your changes. img.png