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Easily integrate Ostorlab notifications with your slack workspace.

Ostorlab offers the possibility to easily integrate notifications directly into your Slack workspace.


Create a Slack app

  • Navigate to your workspace settings and then 'Tools & settings -> Manage apps'.

manage app

  • On the app directory navigate to the 'build' tab and create a new app for the workspace you want.

select build create app

Enable Incoming webhooks on your app

  • On the config page for your newly created app select incoming webhooks and enable the feature.

incoming webhook enable webhook

  • On the same page create a new webhook for the channel you want.

create webhook

Configure ostorlab slack integration:

  • Navigate to 'Dashboard -> library -> integrations -> slack' and select the configuration tab.

navigate to integration select slack

  • Paste the incoming webhook url that you previously generated and click save.

add configs