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On-Prem Scanners

Ostorlab supports on-premise scanning by deploying an Ostorlab scanner on user-controlled infrastructure. Depending on your license, you can run scans on mobile applications, Web/APIs, and private networks.

Following are the steps needed to run scans on-premise.

Ostorlab - The Platform

Declare a Scanner:

  • Login to your ostorlab account;
  • Open the navbar, and click on Library;
  • Click on Scanners;
  • Click on New, and add a name & description for your scanner;
  • Save the scanner-identifier of your scanner; it will be used by the ostorlab scanning tool.

This will create a scanner instance, with the required configuration & credentials to receive scans and use ostorlab agents to run the scans.

Ostorlab - The Scanner Orchestrator

The scanner orchestrator is responsible for running the scans and forwarding results back to the platform:

  • First, install ostorlab;
  • Login to your ostorlab account, by filling in your username & password;
    ostorlab auth login  
  • Run the following command;

    ostorlab scanner --scanner-id=<scanner-identifier>  
    <scanner-identifier>: is the identifier from the previous steps.
  • Head back to the ostorlab platform, click on the navbar, Scanning, and New Scan;

  • Choose your asset; eg Web App;
  • Fill your targets; eg, and click Continue;
  • A section for selecting a scanner will pop up, choose the scanner you have created previously, and click Continue;
  • Select the scan type; eg: Full Web Scan;
  • Set up credentials;
  • Click Submit.

A scan will be created on the list of scans and will start on the machine, where you ran the ostorlab scanner command. You can access information about your scan and vulnerabilities, the same way as the cloud-hosted scans.