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Generate a PDF report for a Scan

To generate a "PDF report" for a scan, select the scan you are interested in, from the top-bar, click on "PDF", and choose the type of report you want.

Three possible types of reports can be generated:

  • "Full Report": A technical report with all the details of the findings.

  • "Executive Summary Report": Short and to the point summary of the findings.

  • "Standards Report": A report of the findings in contrast to some compliance standards like the "OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification".

The report generation may take a few moments to complete when the scan has a huge number of findings.

Go to

1. Click on the list scans button


2. Go to your scan and click on it

select scan

4. Click on the PDF drop down button

Click here

5. Choose the report type you want

select type

6. use the filters for a precise report

Click here

9. Click "Generate PDF"

Click 'Generate PDF'