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Add Assets

To add assets, navigate to the Attack Surface in the left menu.

img.png img.png img.png

  • Click on ADD ASSET in the top menu.

  • Select an owner, or create one. The owner will be in charge of the asset fixes and can be used to automatically assign vulnerabilities.
    img.png img.png

  • Select the Asset Type. The available types are: Domain, IP, App Store Mobile App, and Play Store Mobile App.

  • Add the asset in the field just below the Asset Type.

  • Optionally, select extra fields to configure in the Optional Section. This allows you to augment your asset with metadata like tags, environmental requirements to adjust risk rating, custom color, location, and notes.

  • Click on ADD to add the asset to the list of assets you want to create.
  • When you're ready to create your assets, click on CONFIRM. img.png