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The dashboard is a powerful way to present data about your risk, inventory, and remediation efforts. It is designed to showcase data in a quick, easy-to-grasp format with the most relevant information understandable at a glance.

Ostorlab's metric dashboard

The dashboard allows you to answer questions like:

  • What is the size of my infrastructure?
  • How many potential assets are detected that require my attention?
  • What is my monitoring coverage?
  • What is the distribution of my assets by owner?
  • What is the distribution of my assets by logical location?
  • How do I compare against other organizations?
  • What are my most common tech stacks and most common exposed services?
  • Where are my assets located geographically?
  • What are my most vulnerable assets?
  • What are the most common vulnerability classes I am seeing?
  • How far am I lagging behind in vulnerability fixes?
  • How often do I stick with a scan schedule?
  • Who is fixing most issues in my team / organization?

The dashboard is categorized into three sections namely Scan & Risk, Remediation, Inventory & Attack Surface, and Remediation Calendar.

All metrics have a download button to access the data as a PNG, SVG or CSV file and to navigate data:

Download metrics data