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Change User Permissions

Create a new Organisation

To modify a user's Permissions, follow these steps:

Go to

1. First you need to open the side bar menu.

Click here

2. Navigate to the Settings section.

Click 'Settings'

3. Select Access.

Click 'Access'

4. List of organisation users.

Here you will find the list of users and their roles for the organisation.

Click here

5. Select the role drop down on the user you want.

Click here

6. User role drop down.

You will be presented with a list of the possible roles. Each role has different permission levels.

Click 'Choose role'

7. Chose the desired role.

Select the role you want, and you are done.

select role

In this guide, we covered the process of changing user permissions. This allows you to effectively manage user access and roles within your organisation.