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Saml with OneLogin

This guide walks you through configuring OneLogin as a SAML SSO identity provider (IdP) for Ostorlab.


Creating the OneLogin Application

The first step is to create a new OneLogin Application for Ostorlab SSO:

  1. From the OneLogin Administration portal, go to the Applications page and click the Add App button.
  2. Search for SAML Test Connector (Advanced) and select it. OneLogin Find App

  3. Enter a Display Name and optionally a logo.

  4. Click Save. OneLogin Create Saml App

Configuring the OneLogin Application

Now configure the OneLogin Application with the SAML settings for Ostorlab SSO

Configure SAML URLs

Select the Configuration view for the application and enter/confirm the values in the following table.

Warning: The values you need to use are dependent upon your Ostorlab organisation prefix. Be sure to replace <organisation_prefix> with your actual organisation prefix. You can find your org’s prefix in your organisation's settings page.

Configuration Setting Value
Relay State Empty
Audience (Entity ID)
Recipient Empty
ACS Consumer URL Validator .*
ACS Consumer URL<organisation_prefix>
SAML initiator OneLogin
SAML nameID format Email
SAML issuer type Specific
SAML signature element Response
SAML encryption method TRIPLEDES-CBC

Important: Do not change the value of Name ID Format value once your users have started using Ostorlab—not even switching its value between EmailAddress or Persistent

OneLogin Configure App

Configure SSO Settings

Select the SSO view for the application and set/confirm the following:

SSO Settings Value
SAML Signature Algorithm SHA-512

OneLogin SSO Sig Setting

User Assignments

After the Ostorlab SAML application has been created in OneLogin, the next step is to assign users to it. This will grant specific users or groups access to sign into Ostorlab with their OneLogin-provided credentials.

To assign users or groups to the application, navigate to the Users tab in the OneLogin portal to add users and then assign them to the Ostorlab SSO application. OneLogin Add User SSO

Configuring Your Ostorlab Organization

The final step is to configure Ostorlab with details on your new OneLogin-based SAML application. To do this, you need to obtain the IDP metadata document from OneLogin and then provide it to Ostorlab.

First, navigate to the OneLogin Application you created above and click the More Actions drop down menu button and select SAML Metadata to download the metadata XML file.

OneLogin Get Metadata

  1. Open the file and copy the entire block of XML text in your clipboard
  2. Open Ostorlab and navigate to the SAML integration section.
  4. Paste the IDP metadata XML into the bottom card titled SAML SSO Settings.
  5. Click Update.

Once the IDP metadata descriptor has been saved, you are all set to log into Ostorlab.

Signing into Ostorlab with OneLogin

Members of your Google Workspace can now sign into Ostorlab. Navigate to, click LOGIN VIA SSO and enter the prefix of your Ostorlab organisation.