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How do I get started?

Create an account by clicking on the register button and follow the guide steps to create your first scan.

How many licenses do I need if my app is available on both Android and Apple Stores?

Applications on Android and Apple count separately, so you will need 2 licenses in that case.

What formats are supported by Ostorlab to perform a scan ?

Supported formats are APK and AAB for Android and non-encrypted IPA for iOS. Ostorlab also supports scanning directly from the store.

After how long does Ostorlab archive the report?

You can archive a scan at will by selecting the menu archive on the scan dashboard.

Does Ostorlab need any network connection or ports enabled for the back end analysis ?

If the application is internet facing, we don't need any special access. If the application is not internet facing, we require whitelisting the IP addresses used by the scanner.

Can I analyze different versions of my application?

Your license is valid for one application in all stage of its lifecycle, for all versions, including versions on the store, in development or in testing.

Why should I go for the Ostorlab SaaS License whereas Ostorlab OpenSource is available for free?

If you want to have a full security automation tool seamlessly integrated with your CI/CD, autodiscovery, ticketing system and faster remediation, avoiding hassle and costly IT infra management, then our SaaS platform with its uncompromising detection will be your perfect choice. If you want to build your own solution on-prem and/or are lacking a budget, then you will be covered with Ostorlab Open Source. It’s mainly a build or buy question, so it’s up to you :).

Do I have limitations in the number of persons in my team accessing the tool?

Your plan is linked to your Organization in Ostorlab. You can invite as many members as you need in your organization and share scans results, updates, remediations ...