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Enterprise Plan Features

Ostorlab's Enterprise Plan provides state-of-the-art security and privacy scanning capabilities for your mobile applications, and outstanding support, consulting and training services.

Full Scanning Capabilities

Take advantage of the most advanced scanning capabilities to secure and protect both your application and backend. By leveraging static, dynamic and backend analysis, we provide the highest coverage of your application attack surface while providing zero false positive results and actionable recommendations.

Continuous App Store and Google Play Store monitoring

Continuous monitoring provides the strongest assurance that your application is continuously checked for vulnerabilities. Each time a new version is released, or new vulnerability is published in one of your application dependencies, or a new scanning capability is added, your application is reviewed, and you are notified on new findings to take timely actions.


Either you want to have a high-level overview of your mobile application security posture, you would like to share and monitor your compliance with standards like PCI, FedRamp or HIPAA, or you simply want to understand how is your application evolving over time, our dashboard provides you with a glass box view showing the most essential information accessible within seconds.

Vulnerability Lifecycle Management Tools


Who should fix this issue? has it been done on time? was the fix verified? are these issues recurrent and require a more strategic effort? ... Vulnerability management is a hard problem, we make the job easier by automating mundane tasks like tracking the issues and their fixes, notifying owners to release fixes and re-check them, thus helping you save time, money and enhance your DevOps posture.

Mobile Secure Coding, Training and Certification

Our enterprise package includes a 2 day essential or advanced mobile secure coding. Your team can test their skills by completing a hands-on certifying exam. Advanced training is tailored to a specific technology or framework and digs deeper into the topic of building secure applications with frameworks like React Native, Ionic or Native Android and iOS.

Technical Consulting

Undecided about which framework or library is the best fit for your security needs, unsure if your biometric implementation is secure, working on a roadmap to achieve PCI-DSS compliance for your mobile application. Ostorlab team will help you take the right decisions and will share their expertise and insights into how other companies are tackling the same challenges and what hurdles to avoid.

Dedicated Support Contact


All our enterprise customers have access to a 24/7 support, either it is a critical issue that needs to be addressed within minutes, a feature request essential to you business or bug fix, we provide outstanding support that meets your needs and requirements at all times.